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SATURDAY - Dóc: New Releases

Programmed by: Hannah Halpern and Addison Wood

4:00PM Saturday, March 25th; 8:00PM Saturday, March 25th

Corsage (2022) still

Corsage (2022)

Marie Kreutzer · 114m · DCP

On Christmas Eve of 1877, Empress Elisabeth "Sissi" of Austria turns 40, and is forced to relinquish her long-held status as a beautiful young woman. She must determine how to salvage her public image--and how to prove her worth in a society which now deems her worthless. What follows is an irreverent, modern, and subtly anachronistic spin on an iconic figure's story: a luxurious yet understated tale of melancholy, restriction, and rebellion.

4:00PM tickets can be bought here.

8:00PM tickets can be bought here.

4:00PM Saturday, April 1st; 8:00PM Saturday, April 1st

Babylon (2022) still

Babylon (2022)

Damien Chazelle · 189m · DCP

Damien Chazelle's Babylon follows an ensemble cast of Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Diego Calva and more through the glitz, glamor, and corruption of late '20s Hollywood, in the transition from silent to sound movies. Divisive among critics upon its release, the film is both a condemnation of and a love letter to the world of movies and the Hollywood institution itself. You may love it, you may hate it, but regardless, you'll have a good time at the movies.

4:00PM tickets can be bought here.

8:00PM tickets can be bought here.

4:00PM Saturday, April 8th; 8:00PM Saturday, April 8th

Tár (2022) still

Tár (2022)

Todd Field · 158m · DCP

Lydia Tár has it all—fast cars, a hot wife, and acclaim as the first female chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. She stands in front of her orchestra to give the downbeat to Mahler's Fifth, but a young cellist catches her eye. Shadows and sounds linger in her periphery... genius turned arrogance, past deeds, paranoia, and the rumblings of an orchestrated downfall. Can Tár face her orchestra and her ghosts? Can she obliterate herself for her music?

4:00PM tickets can be bought here.

8:00PM tickets can be bought here.

8:00PM Saturday, April 15th

Magic Mike's Last Dance (2023) still

Magic Mike's Last Dance (2023)

Steven Soderbergh · 112m · DCP

In the final installment of the Magic Mike trilogy, Mike Lane finds himself broke and retired in Florida. After meeting a wealthy socialite at a fundraising event, he takes her offer to go to London. Hoping for one last hurrah, he attempts to bring a group of new, talented dancers into shape. Starring the beautiful-as-always Channing Tatum, Magic Mike’s Last Dance is a tale of redemption set against a backdrop of post-pandemic economic uncertainty.

Tickets can be bought here.

4:00PM Saturday, April 22nd; 8:00PM Saturday, April 22nd

EO (2022) still

EO (2022)

Jerzy Skolimowski · 87m · DCP

This one goes out to Ettore, Hola, Marietta, Mela, Rocco, and Tako. Winner of the 2022 Jury Prize at Cannes, EO centers its eponymous donkey, born and raised in a Polish circus, as he travels across the Polish and Italian countryside. Skolimowski's masterful homage to Bresson, released almost sixty years after Au Hasard Balthazar, provides just as frank an image of humanity from the perspective of an animal, in all its kindness and cruelty.

4:00PM tickets can be bought here.

8:00PM tickets can be bought here.

8:00PM Saturday, April 29th

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (2022) still

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (2022)

Laura Poitras · 122m · DCP

The second documentary ever to win Venice's prestigious Golden Lion, All the Beauty and the Bloodshed examines photographer-activist Nan Goldin's valiant effort to hold Purdue Pharma responsible for the opioid epidemic. The film paints a compassionate, gritty portrait of the fight against the Sackler family—Purdue's owners—through the lens of an indefatigable, battle-hardened woman. This is a sobering work that deserves to be seen by all.

Tickets can be bought here.

8:00PM Saturday, May 6th

Godland (2022) still

Godland (2022)

Hlynur Pálmason · 143m · DCP

Like its Icelandic setting, Godland is beautiful, elemental, and more than 60% Lutheran. Writer-director Pálmason's third film follows Danish missionary Lucas as he journeys across the subarctic island with local guide Ragnar, lugging a hefty fin de siècle camera across glacial meltwaters, volcanic mudflats, and others stunning landscapes of scarcity. Shot with natural light and in round-edged Academy ratio, Godland is simply sublime.

Tickets can be bought here.

8:00PM Saturday, May 13th

Pacifiction (2022) still

Pacifiction (2022)

Albert Serra · 162m · DCP

This post-colonial fever dream of French Polynesia was voted best film of 2022 by Cahiers du Cinéma and "suggests John le Carré by way of David Lynch," per A.O. Scott. It's a slow-burning character study of High Commissioner De Roller (Benoît Magimel, The Piano Teacher), who floats through all walks of island life with an easy charisma. But the lush Tahitian setting pulses with a sense of dread that only grows as political alliances shift and unravel.

Tickets can be bought here.