doc films
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Doc Films is a student-led, volunteer-run movie theater, film society, and non-profit at the University of Chicago. Our celluloid-first commitment to showing highly varied, highly repertory cinema often leaves us with fewer profits than giant theater chains.

It is this reason why we are so crucially indebted to the many thousands of dollars our fans and alumni donate yearly. If you would like to donate to help the oldest student film society keep cinema alive, please read below on how to do so. We greatly appreciate any donation, no matter the amount, and as a non-profit, any donation is tax-deductable.

How to donate

  1. Go to our UChicago-affiliated donations page via this link.

  2. Choose your "Gift Type."

  3. Leave the "Area of Support" field untouched (it should say "DOC Films" in the "Specific Fund" drop-down).

  4. Enter your "Gift Amount," contact information, payment information, and click any additional options.

  5. Submit your donation via "Give now!"